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Shirlee Heitz, 30 Years in Business



 Thoughtful words from my happy clients:

"Taking a moment to express our sincere appreciation for all your direction, guidance and professionalism in the sale of our home. You're the best of the best and we are thankful for your help in finding our new home, still busing unpacking and trying to get 45 years organized.  What a process this is to go through and we certainly felt more comfortable in all the ups & downs thanks to you. Warmest regards to you & Chuck."                                                                                                                                                                                                Shirley & Gary

"Thanks! Consider this a great big hug. We just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU for all you've done for us. We truly appreciate it. Thank you!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jason, Shannon, Raina, Tatum, Britta & Paisleigh

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. Our experience was very rewarding. Your honesty and experience was what we needed. Please stop in if you're ever in the area."
Jeff, Jennifer & Max
"Thank you for all you did to get us into the right house. It will be 2 years next month & are very happy. If we do plan to move in the future due to career choices, we will be calling you."
Kelly & Sheri Jordan

“Just a short note from Julie and I thanking you for the great job of selling my house. We had some trying times but everything came through alright. We got a thank you card from the Buyers. Sure hope they love the house as much as we did.
Again, thanks!”
Hal and Julie

"As a first time home buyer, I had very little knowledge about the process of becoming a homeowner. Shirlee not only explained to me thoroughly each step of the process, she helped me to navigate the unknown with great insight, care, and the skills and knowledge only experience can bring. I was able to be calm and relaxed during what I was told can be stressful and hectic process. Shirlee literally did all the worrying and work on my behalf. I have rarely been so impressed with another persons ability and efficiency in their work. Shirlee communicated with me throughout the entire process;she was always available, and contacted me with answers and information before I was even able to ask the questions.  Shirlee also provided a no pressure experience that made me feel respected and valued. She also made me feel welcomed into the exciting world of home ownership, and for that I am truly grateful."
Kathrine Emerich

"We used Shirlee for the sale of our house in Becker recently and had a great experience. Her many years of experience in the real estate market proved to be invaluable. She recommended a stager to work with for furnishing the house before putting it up for sale which added visual appeal to potential home buyers. Shirlee kept us up to date during the entire sale process and stayed in touch. Shirlee went above and beyond our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend her to others and to use her services again!"
Philip & Tammy Torborg

"Shirlee's commitment and loyalty to Dusty and I were more than we could have asked for from a realtor. We weren't sure if we were ready to make "the jump" and buy a house, but going through the searching for and buying process with Shirlee was almost effortless. We were also very impressed with the negotiating process that Shirlee provided.  Shirlee was honest and upfront with what we, as the buyer, could expect as well as what the seller would be expecting of us. She definitely went above and beyond working with the sellers and us to provide us with additional services and amenities on closing. We can't say enough as how impressed we were while working with Shirlee. Only after buying our home did we hear some of the horror stories that others have had while looking for and purchasing a home with other Realtors or independently that we never ran into. She made us feel like family, who cared about more than making the sale. We can personally say that we would recommend Shirlee without hesitation."
Jenny Findell & Dusty Lindner

"Choosing Shirlee as my realtor was the best decision I have ever made. Her knowledge of the market and of the technical and legal aspects involved in selling my home got me more money than I had expected. She was great to work with and I am glad to know her."
Jody Frisk

"We have used Shirlee Heitz as our realtor for several years and can highly recommend her to anyone needing real-estate services. We have both listed property and bought property with Shirlee as our agent, as well as looked at several properties we decided not to pursue. Shirlee has always devoted the necessary time and effort to assure our needs were met and we were satisfied."

"She has always handled our business with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. She also has work ethic that is to be admired. She has often gone beyond her normal duties to assure everything was in order and to assure a problem free closings. We feel she is always looking out for our best interest regarding any property we have dealt with, which has given us real peace of mind with our real-estate dealings. Our construction business has given us opportunity to interact with several real-estate agents through the years and Shirlee is the agent we trust with our personal and business real-estate affairs."
Ken & Lisa Geroux

"Thanks for your patience, your expertise and the light you bring to all who surround you. We could not have done this without you!"
Roberta & Dwight

"Being many states away, and not having a past rapport with a good realtor, we were both skeptical on someone looking out for, and understanding our greatest needs and concerns. After a short time through email, phone, and mail correspondence you gave both of us a comfort in knowing you did look out for our needs. Shirlee, you and your staff, searched for things that were important for our family to make a smooth transaction and you were one of the key links in making this happen. From the moment we first met, we were sure our distant first impressions were right, you are concerned for your clients. From beginning journey through the closing moments, you were genuinely the "TOPS" for us."   
Doug & Sherri Arnold

"Chuck and I want to thank you for your dedicated effort in helping us sell our home.  You were so kind and patient with me when I had so many questions and understood my roller coaster ride of emotions during the process.  Your professional and friendly work ethic is commendable.  We would be proud to recommend you and your staff to anyone we know who has real estate needs.  Thanks again~~~"
Donna F.

"I wanted to tell you again how happy we are that you were able to sell our parents house.  You were great to work with and helped us navigate all of those special issues that came up along the way."
Bonnie S.

"Thanks so much for all you have done.  This all surely happened faster than I thought it would in selling off the 2 properties.  It has been a joy and pleasure working with you and getting to know you."   
Julie N.

"Thank you for all of your professional help.  It was a pleasure having you represent us."
Aaron R.

"Thanks so much for all of your help.  Selling a house long distance seemed a bit overwhelming but you made it like a walk in the park."
Michele M.

"We cannot thank you enough for being such a great Realtor!  We felt so safe with you.  You were so helpful and always on the ball.  We are so happy with our new house.  It was a joy to work with you.  Thank you!!!"
Bob, Shawna & Tristan C.

"Thank you very much for your guidance with purchasing my new home.  I can't begin to tell you what a relief it was to have my short sale go through so quickly and to have the home buying process end up being so easy due to the hard work and dedication from your team.  Thanks again!"

Kari Q.

"We would like to say Thank You again.  We absolutely LOVE being homeowners and can't thank you enough for everything you did for us. "
Justin, Robyn & Ryder

"You are such a GREAT AGENT - and more importantly a NICE PERSON!"

"Thank you so much for this incredible journey and being the one to "open the door" to our new life!  It was a real treat to work with you!" 
Lisa, Justin, Olivia and Abigail

"We would like to thank you so much for all of your hard work in finding our family our dream home in such a short amount of time. If it wasn't for everything that you did to go the extra mile there is no way we could have had the most exciting Christmas ever!  You are an extraordinary agent, but even more important, a wonderful person!  You took away from your own holiday plans to help our family make ours.  This gesture of hard work and kindness will never be forgotten!  We are thrilled to be here, in our new home, and be part of the Big Lake community.  We just can't thank you enough!" 
Kelly, Erik, Annabelle & Ivan A.

"I would just like to thank you for everything you did for us to make the selling of my home of 40 years.  It felt you understood what that home meant to me and my family.  SO thank you for making the transition go as smoothly as possible." 
George & Kaye

Answers to a short survey from past clients:

Was the selling process easier for you?
Yes knowing this was my home of 40 years.                                                                                                                                                       

Were you in the loop & in touch throughout the process?
Yes, weekly updates were very helpful.  

Was Shirlee's knowledge & experience helpful?
Yes, knowledge of the market is essential.                                                                                                                                              

Did Shirlee do a good job of negotiating for you?
Yes, keeping my end goal in mind.                                                                                                                                                       

Did Shirlee go "above & beyond" in working with you?
Yes, kept my best interest in mind at all times.                                                                                                                             

Did Shirlee do her "homework" & keep your best interests a top priority?
Yes, your knowledge of how to present my home proved to be the selling factor.

George Angell

Was the selling process easier for you?  Her expertise & patience when something unexpected came up was appreciated. Her 20 years of experience would calm my frustration and anxiety because she would smile and tell me a dozen times she has been through this same situation. She was honest and upfront about or options and allowed us the freedom to be in the drivers' seat. She acted truly like support staff to us; getting us vital information when we needed it, respecting our authority to make the decisions in our own time. I really value that!

Were you in the loop & in touch throughout the process? Due to the slow market, we were unable to sell our house the first season. We tried to sell our home a second time. Shirlee was terrific. She stayed in contact, but didn't hound us by any means. She kept checking in but seemed to innately know if it was a bad time. She was very thoughtful of our lives and other commitments throughout the entire process.

Did Shirlee do a good job of negotiating for you? I appreciate how Shirlee gave us the facts, but then let us decide. She was willing to offer her opinion on the matter, but she never pushed her agenda in us. We never felt she was "hungry" for the sale. It seemed she cared about our welfare more than the sale!

Did Shirlee go "above & beyond" in working with you? Shirlee demonstrated her devotion to her clients when she showed us her relationship with past clients had not ended with the sale. There were 3 times in the selling process Shirlee referred us to the services of a past client of hers! All 3 times I took her advice, and all 3 times were impressed with the person and the product!

"The bottom line question is would we recommend Shirlee as a realtor to a trusted friend? The answer is YES! In fact, I already have! You know you believe in someone when you would recommend them to your Pastor! That's a person where honesty and integrity in business are really important! There are plenty of people I would feel hesitant about recommending to our pastor, but Shirlee is not one of them!"

John & Julie Hunt

Was the selling process easier for you? Yes! We thought we had done our research on houses that we ere interested in, but the houses Shirlee recommended we look at were so much better than we'd found to look at. The resources she used were definitely more comprehensive. We also appreciated that she listened to what we had to say. She knew the elements that we were looking for and the houses she showed us, had most or all of these elements. We never felt like our time was being wasted, or that she was trying to dump an unsellable house onto us, like we've heard other Realtors try and do.

Were you in the loop & in touch throughout the process? Yes!! From the first morning she called in the response to the request online to see that very first house, she worked well to meet with our schedules, keep us up to date on the paperwork needed, and sent pertinent emails from her and others working through the home buying process.

Was Shirlee's knowledge & experience helpful? Yes! We appreciated her knowledge and input when we were considering a foreclosure. We knew that if we did go with a foreclosure, that she would be able to handle the paperwork and negotiating. We trusted her judgement and knew that we were in good hands, as well as our future home! 

Did Shirlee do a good job of negotiating for you? Yes! After getting the appraisal back for the house, we were pleased with the final selling price we got. Even though the house had not been on the market very long, we were still able to get $5000 off as well as getting other closing costs covered.

Did Shirlee go "above & beyond" in working with you? Yes! She was awesome at getting us in to the houses we wanted to see quickly. We were able to see a variety of locations to decide on the best house for us. We appreciated her input, but also never felt pressured one way or another to buy a particular house.  

Did Shirlee do her "homework" & keep your best interests a top priority? We always felt that even though the buying process is a lengthy and tedious one, she kept in touch with us and made sure we were comfortable going through the next steps. We knew we could count on her to  help us find the house of our dreams..which you did! You were flexible and accommodating and so very helpful! From finding listings, to setting up appointments with the inspector and closer, to walking us through all the paperwork. Her experience was greatly appreciated and evident!

Dan & Erin Burton


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