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Seller FAQs about title and the closing process

Title and closing seller FAQs

Edina Realty Title is the most popular title company in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Below, they answer sellers' title and closing questions.

What can I do if I can’t attend the scheduled appointment?

Your real estate agent should contact the Edina Realty Title closer to see if you can pre-sign your documents.

How long will it take to close on my new home?

Generally, closings are completed in an hour.

What do I need to do prior to the closing?

  • Fulfill requirements as listed in the purchase agreement.
  • Provide REALTOR® with prior owner’s title insurance policy or abstract.
  • Contact your current mortgage company to cancel automatic mortgage payment withdrawals.
  • Contact current utility companies to arrange for disconnection.
  • Schedule final inspections as required by the city.
  • Contact the closer if any recent repairs or improvements have been made to the home.

What should I bring to my closing appointment?

  • Valid photo ID
  • Social security number
  • All keys, garage door openers, alarm system combinations
  • Code compliance, if applicable

I need to bring money to closing. What form should it be in?

In most cases, Edina Realty Title requires wired funds or an official check from your bank. Contact your Edina Realty Title closer for specific instructions.

I am selling my house and have been asked for a copy of my owner’s title insurance policy that I purchased at the time of closing. Where do I locate this?

If you purchased owner’s title insurance policy at the time of purchase, it would have been mailed to you after closing and may be among your records. If you used Edina Realty Title but cannot locate it among your records, call our Customer Service department for assistance at 952-928-5200.

I have a prior owner’s mortgage showing up on the title to my property. What do I do?

If you used Edina Realty Title when purchasing your home, contact our claims staff at 952-928-5200 to obtain a Letter of Indemnity or Satisfaction of Mortgage.

At closing we set up an escrow. How do I get the money, and how long will it take?

If you used Edina Realty Title, please call 952-928-5200 and ask to be directed to our Escrow Release department.

What happens at closing?

Closing is typically a six-step process:

1. The purchase agreement is signed by all parties.

2. The closing date and time are scheduled.

3. The closer obtains all title documents, association information and payoff figures for current mortgages. The title commitment is reviewed.

4. The closer drafts the seller documents and sends preliminary HUD to buyer's closer, the listing agent and the seller(s). 

5. The closing is conducted, and the seller and their agent receive copies of the closing documents.

6. The buyer's title company disburses all funds and submits the deed to the county for recording.

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Status Definitions

For Sale: Properties which are available for showings and purchase

Active Contingent: Properties which are available for showing but are under contract with another buyer

Pending: Properties which are under contract with a buyer and are no longer available for showings

Sold: Properties on which the sale has closed.

Contingent and Pending statuses may not be available for all listings