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Homeowners: Embrace these 2021 home and design trends

home design trends for 2021

Key insights:

  • Design experts are predicting a return to bold color, in direct contrast to the white and minimalist palettes of the last few years.
  • Multi-use spaces, including those for at-home learning and working from home, will continue to be a must-have feature.
  • The trend of intentional living — which can affect everything from air quality to homeowner conservation efforts — will become even more prominent.

As we enter 2021, design experts are predicting major shifts across the home landscape. These changes include a return to color and texture, an increased focus on energy efficiency and air quality, and the desire for separated spaces, even within open concept homes.

Whether you’re buying, selling or hoping to revamp your current space to reflect a more modern vibe, here are the trends you can watch for in 2021 and beyond.

2021 interior design trends

If we have all realized anything over the last year of staying close to home, it is that our residences need to be fully livable — and not just Instagram-ready or Pinterest-perfect. While stark white walls and cabinets, modern furniture and clean lines have been en vogue for the last decade, experts believe that the coming years will firmly put an end to the trend of extreme minimalism.

While the majority of homeowners won’t quite embrace full maximalism — which can include a bevy of contrasting colors, textures and patterns within one space — many will begin incorporating more visual interest into their homes through:

  • Rich or unique colors on larger spaces like walls, cabinets and furniture
  • Wallpaper or other patterned elements
  • Texture components, including mixed media art, plush furniture and rough materials such as rattan


Living room with a rich color scheme

By embracing maximalism, homeowners have the opportunity to use mix-and-match furniture (rather than matching sets) and to personalize their decor with art or photography that holds great meaning — even if it doesn’t quite fit one singular aesthetic. It could also mean that vintage and antique shopping becomes even more popular in coming years.

2021 home layout trends

If you’ve come to love your open layout a lot less over the last year, you’re not alone. Due to the increased amount of time spent in the home, many homeowners have been frustrated by the lack of quiet, dedicated space their homes have for distance learning or remote work.

While children will return to school and many businesses are set to reopen in 2021, the precedent of at-home work has been set — and will continue to influence how our homes are designed. In the absence of a closed layout, homeowners may shift their living spaces to designate “a quiet room” that can easily operate as a home office, homework space, reading room or for other leisurely activities.

Home architects are also combatting open floor layouts by:

  • Adding master suites that go above and beyond a bed and bath, to include outdoor space or a private indoor seating area.
  • Creating multi-use spaces, such as a dining room that doubles as a work space during the day.
  • Using furniture or partitions (like barn doors) to create flexible, defined zones.

As you might expect, outdoor space — for private use or for entertaining — will continue to be hugely important to homeowners. Whether it’s adding outdoor seating for large summer gatherings or heaters and overhangs that protect from the winter elements, homeowners in Minnesota and western Wisconsin will continue to prioritize and embrace outdoor settings.

2021 energy efficiency and indoor air trends

Experts agree that the consciousness of consumers is here to stay, and that this heightened focus will translate into new norms around energy and efficiency, and in the desire for a healthier indoor air.

These changes could mean major shifts in our home’s systems, as homeowners consider:

[Image of solar or renewables]

Solar panels on roof

2021 plant and garden trends

As many homeowners tried to minimize their grocery store visits and stay close to home, it was no surprise when victory gardens made a comeback in the summer of 2020. And now, newbie gardening enthusiasts are taking their green thumbs indoors until spring arrives.

Houseplants are poised to continue their comeback in 2021 and beyond, which aligns with our collective desire for better indoor air quality.

Whether you incorporate one hard-to-kill potted plant in a heavily trafficked room (lest you forget to water it) or transition a four-season porch into a mini-greenhouse for the winter months, rest assured that your houseplant obsession is very on-trend.

[Image of a room with prominent houseplants]

House plant wall

In the later winter months, consider growing some flowers or vegetables from seed, so you can transfer them to your outdoor garden once the ground is ready.

Ready for what’s next?

If you’re hoping to buy a home that incorporates some of these design trends, or update your home to match current trends before selling, we have experts who can help you. Reach out to Edina Realty or your agent to make the right plan.

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