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Seven super-dirty spots you're probably forgetting to clean in your home

Areas in your home that need cleaning

Key insights

  • Need help seeing your own dirt? Enlist a cleaning service or a detail-oriented friend to help you spot the grime in your house.
  • Pay special attention to common dirt-collecting areas such as throw pillows and ceiling fans.
  • Before cleaning dirty areas, be sure to declutter your belongings. With less clutter in the way, you’ll be able to clean your way to a sparkling house.

It is time to open your home and let in the fresh air. And for many of us, cleaning is part of that springtime welcome ritual. Here are insights you can use to find and clean the dirtiest spots in your house. Remember, even the tidiest of homes have areas that could use a little TLC.

How to see your own dirt

After years of dusting the same surfaces, it’s not uncommon to lose track of what’s really in need of cleaning at your house. However, there are some quick fixes to this predicament.

First, you can hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean. Be sure to ask the cleaner to show you any areas that require extra upkeep, so you can work on maintaining them after the professional job is done.

Another option is to ask your eagle-eyed or super-honest friend to come over and give you an assessment of your space. Be prepared to hear even the worst-case scenario, and try to not be offended.

And a third option is to take a look around your home with fresh eyes. Change your perspective - get down low, step up high, and try to see your fixtures, appliances and decor from a different angle. Also, shine a light on different areas with a good flashlight or other light source to see what dirt may be hidden in those dark corners.

7 areas homeowners commonly overlook — and how to clean them

Whether you’re prepping for a home sale soon or simply eager to refresh rooms,, the time to tidy up is now.

Here are seven commonly overlooked areas that you need to put at the top of your cleaning list.

1. Throw pillows. Although it’s commonplace to wash the pillowcases you sleep on, have you thought twice about the throw pillows throughout your house? Whether as decorative pieces on your bed or comfortable additions to your living room sofa, throw pillows are used on the daily and should be cleaned accordingly.

Wash throw pillow covers and inserts regularly — especially if you have pets that like to jump on furniture. Doing so will helpeliminate odors throughout the home while creating a more sanitary environment. To keep the pillows fluffy, toss a few (clean) tennis balls into the dryer.

2. Ceiling fans and light fixtures. These areas are dust collecting machines. Check fan blades, light fixtures, lampshades, wall sconces, and other built-in features for potential buildup.

3. Things you touch all the time. From TV remotes to light switches and soap dispensers to toilet handles, there are many surfaces that we touch but forget to wipe down. Take time to sanitize these areas and anything else that is touched on a day-to-day basis to break down lingering germs and grime.

4. Oven hood. Greasy, dusty, splattered oven hoods almost always require extra attention. Wipe down the exterior of this kitchen feature and be sure to check for any corroded parts or filters that need changing. By staying on top of these items, you’ll maintain a well-functioning (and sparkling) kitchen.

5. Bathroom grout. Tile can appear newer and cleaner by simply refreshing the grout. Consider purchasing a drill bit attachment that can help clean out yucky residue or discoloration — making your bathroom floors or shower tiles look good as new.

6. Silverware drawer. This drawer, along with other drawer organizers or cabinet bottoms, tends to accumulate unwanted debris. Remove everything from these areas and clean. Trust us, you’ll feel better about using forks and knives from this drawer after it’s been sanitized.

7. Garbage disposal. Although it’s out of sight, this home feature should not be out of mind. When it comes to cleaning, it’s essential to remember your garbage disposal — and you can do a great job using natural ingredients like lemon slices, baking soda and vinegar! This will help take away any unwanted smells while ensuring your garbage disposal performs optimally.

Always declutter before cleaning

Are you cleaning your home before you list it for sale? Be sure to declutter your belongings first. It’s much easier to fully clean an area that won’t be covered up again in paperwork, books or other loose items.

If you’re gearing up to deep clean your house, start by trying one (or all) of these decluttering trends:

  • KonMari Method - only keep what is useful or brings you joy
  • Swedish Death Cleaning - get rid of old stuff now so others don’t have to later
  • The Four Box Method - donate, trash, relocate, keep
  • 12-12-12 Challenge - find 12 things each to donate, toss and put away

A clean slate for home sellers

Now that you’ve cleared your space and created a clean slate, are you ready to take the next step to list your property for sale?

Whether you need home staging advice or you’re looking for assistance with the home selling process, reach out to Edina Realty or one of our agents.

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