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Tricked-out garages: The latest trend for the luxury set

Tricked-out garages: The latest trend for the luxury set

For decades, the garage has mostly been an afterthought, a storage area dedicated to a homeowner’s cars, bikes, landscaping equipment and an odd assortment of kids’ toys, tools and long-forgotten hobby paraphernalia (remember when you were going to get into snow-shoeing?).

Until now, that is. According to this article in the Washington Post, the garage is the new frontier for luxury homes. But what does that mean — and aside from holding more cars, how do these high-end garages differ from the norm?

Why are garages going luxury?

According to, a primary reason for the garage getting an upgrade is that most folks now use their garage every time they enter and exit their homes. Just as the open floor plan elevated the importance of the kitchen, the automatic garage door opener boosted the traffic in most garages across America.

And secondly, the clientele is demanding it. Luxury buyers have high expectations and there’s no better way to meet those expectations than to show that the home’s builder or previous owner was so thoughtful, they even extended the style and class of the property all the way to the lowly garage.

What are some features of today’s luxury garages?

When it comes to luxury garage features, the sky (er, ceiling) is the limit. Some are built to hold massive car collections, and these garages can boast a footprint larger than the average American home.

A serious car collector may want a display garage gallery attached onto the main property, so they can show off their favorites from an interior vantagepoint. Check out this incredible North Oaks property, which offers a view of the owner’s vintage Volkswagen Beetle from the billiards room:

But luxury garages don’t only appeal to motorheads. Many luxury homeowners like to carve out space in the garage for:

  • A dedicated fitness area, with machines that rival the best local gyms
  • A kitchen set-up or lounging area, so the garage acts as a full-service retreat for the homeowner
  • An office workspace or a hobbyist corner

This underground lair, found underneath the main garage of this stunning home for sale in Blaine, is presently used as a mancave of sorts. But with the right ambiance, you could see this becoming a perfect space for a home gym, an elaborate office — or maybe a dimly-lit BatCave setup that would make Bruce Wayne himself jealous.

Whether the homeowner uses the garage to change the brake pads or to take a break, common features of luxury garages include:

  • Full finishes, including flooring, painted or paneled walls and ornate ceilings
  • An “art gallery” vibe, with paintings, murals or paraphernalia displayed on the walls
  • Custom-built cabinetry so tools and gadgets remain out of sight
  • Custom lighting solutions

Need an idea of just how elaborate today’s luxury garages can get? Check out the garage ceiling on this sprawling property in Mayer, Minnesota. It rivals some of the more stunning wedding venues we’ve seen:

Meanwhile, the cabinetry in this Hudson, Wisconsin, garage is Pinterest-perfect. Can’t you imagine this space in a magazine spread?

Ready for a 10-car garage — or even just one?

Whether you’re looking to store an impressive collection, or your much-beloved 2006 four-door sedan, our REALTORS® can help you find the right space for you.

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