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Clean your gutters before winter arrives

Fall gutter cleaning tips

If gutters are left full of leaves and debris, the lack of drainage can cause expensive damage to your roof and the surrounding areas. Before winter arrives, be sure to clean out your gutters using the tips below.

First, securely set up an appropriately-sized ladder. If available, have someone around to stabilize the legs. Either way, be sure the soil won't give way and that the hinges of the ladder are secure and locked before climbing.

Focus first on the gutters themselves. If the buildup is minimal, you should be able to pressure wash it away with a garden hose. Significant build-up may require you to physically remove it using your hands or a scoop. Reach further by using an extension pole - that will also save you time, because you won't have to move the ladder as many times.

You should also consider spraying or sweeping extra leaves off your roof, as these will eventually make their way into your gutter via wind or rain. If you don't do this on occasion, you may risk the chance of water damage, causing leaks and erosion.

Wearing the right equipment when cleaning out your home's gutters will increase safety and prevent you from getting hurt before the job is complete. If possible, wear rubber shoes that are slip-resistant and gloves to keep from coming into contact with any bacteria. Last, consider wearing goggles or other eyewear to keep dust and other small particles from getting into your eyes.

Last, be sure to pick a nice day to clean your gutters. High winds and rain can make this chore dangerous and colder weather will make it seem like an even bigger hassle than it is.

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