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10 organized toy storage ideas

Toy storage

Let’s face it: Kids may be small, but their toy collections are not. If your home is plagued with toy clutter, we have some of the best toy storage ideas for you!

Whether you love your current home and are hoping to optimize your existing space, or you need to tidy up your property to prepare it for sale, be sure to follow these toy storage and organization tips. From hangers to hooks to hammocks (that’s right, hammocks), there’s a toy storage solution to fit every home’s needs and budget.

Keep reading for easy and organized toy storage options for your home.

Organized toy storage: where to start

While the thought of organizing all the toys in your house can be daunting, it’s worth it. With these toy storage methods and tips, you’ll be on your way to a clutter-free home in no time! Here’s a quick outline of where to start and how to begin storing your kid’s toys.

  • Sift through existing toys and determine if any can be donated.
  • Gather or purchase necessary storage containers.
  • Organize must-have toys in bins and shelves.
  • Create other DIY solutions (We’ll explain below).

What you’ll need

In order to prep your toy storage space, you’ll first need to gather a couple of commonly used items:

  • Assorted toy storage bins and crates
  • All-weather bins or cabinets for outdoor toy storage
  • Label maker or tape
  • Basic hanging devices, like nails or command strips
  • Hooks and hangers

10 Ideas for toy storage solutions

Toy storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s talk about the best toy organization ideas for homeowners to consider.

Clear, labeled bins

When beginning to organize your home, pantries and closets, clear storage bins are a great place to start.

When using clear bins, you’ll still be able to see what toys are inside the bin, but everything will be nicely contained. And remember, lids offer the option to stack the bins in a closet or storage room so you can optimize your space even more.

Shelving, shelving, shelving

Shelving is a necessary component of any storage solution. From assembled shelving racks to floating wall shelves to built-in storage cubbies, shelves will help any homeowner optimize their vertical space. Shelving is especially important in homes with minimal closet space or in smaller smaller spaces like condos and apartments.

Utilize shoe hangers

Shoe hangers and racks are perfect for quick storage. Either place a shoe hanger over the back of a kid’s door or place racks in a toy room so little ones can easily pop toys into each “shoe” compartment. Shoe hangers work the best to clean up these toys:

  • Small stuffed animals
  • Legos and blocks
  • Chargers for iPads and other tech gadgets
  • Paint brushes, colored pencils and other craft supplies
  • Fidgets and squishies
  • Collections of plastic figurines

Hang hooks

For another toy storage option, consider hanging hooks on the wall. This will help the room stay tidy, even as the kiddos move from one activity to the next.

Hooks are great for hanging:

  • Purses and jewelry
  • Dress-up clothing items
  • Blankets and towels
  • Bins or baskets filled with lightweight toys

… and hangers

Toy hangers make for another perfect storage option, especially for grab-and-go toys. They are also a great alternative to shelving because they’re easy to set up and can be taken down when kiddos outgrow the need to display stuffed animals or other collections.

When using a toy hanger, look for an organizer that is split up into various sections. Each hanging compartment can be used for a specific toy type. Or, if you have multiple little ones, each kid can utilize a separate hanging compartment for their individual toys.

Storage bins for under the bed

Keeping a home clutter-free may seem impossible with little ones, but under-the-bed storage can help you maintain a tidier aesthetic — without sacrificing any of your kiddo’s most-beloved objects.

To best utilize under-the-bed storage, separate out toys (or toy sets) that aren’t used every day. Think of the toys you have that tend to take up a lot of space once assembled — a tent that folds up, large-scale blocks, a train set, etc.

Next, measure the clearance you have and find bins that are shallow enough to slide under the bed. If the bins have opaque sides, add labels to the outside walls of the bins. This will make it simpler to locate items beneath the bed.

And, one last pro tip: Set a calendar alert to reassess your under-the-bed storage every six months or so. As your kids outgrow their toys over the years, you’ll find that under-bed storage can house their Legos, offseason soccer gear, dance costumes and more.

Stuffed animal storage in a hammock

Storage doesn’t have to be boring! Whether organizing a kid’s room, patio or designated play space, consider storing lightweight toys – like stuffed animals – in a hammock. If you hang it low enough, kids can swing their toys and put them to bed at night… right before they head to sleep themselves.

Outdoor toy storage crate

If your kiddos are excited to try sports, play in sandboxes, use chalk or partake in other outside activities, it could be time to invest in an outdoor storage solution for toys. Some specific ideas for toy storage in the garage and yard include:

  • All-weather toy storage crates
  • Toy boxes for under the deck or in the garage
  • Benches with hidden under-seat storage
  • Outdoor toy bins or a storage shed

You may also just want a simple, short-term solution for when you’re mowing the lawn and, in that case, consider buying a heavy duty plastic laundry basket to keep outdoors. Before you head out to cut the grass, set a timer for five minutes and tell your kids to place all their toys, balls and outdoor items into the basket while you tend to the lawn.

Utilize furniture with built-in storage

When possible, utilize furniture with built-in storage for children’s rooms. (This will also come in handy when you need to stage your home for sale, by minimizing the amount of furniture in the space.)

By nixing toy storage shelves and opting for furniture with built-in storage options, there will be more room for potential buyers to envision their future lives and kids in the space. Here are some common furniture pieces with built-in storage for toys:

  • Platform bed frames with drawers
  • Benches and couches with under-seat storage
  • Console tables
  • Lidded footstools and ottomans

Standing cabinets are your friend

If your home doesn’t offer tons of built-in storage elements or closet space, try stashing toys in standing cabinets. A free-standing toy cabinet can easily be moved around a space to customize a room. Whether you choose a glass-doored storage cabinet or a statement cabinet, this versatile piece of furniture can bring additional toy storage to any space.

Explore the Edina Realty blog for more home tips and advice

Whether you’re a current homeowner looking to make the most of the existing space that you love, or you’re considering a move as you and your family outgrow the home you’re in, it’s essential to have practical storage options for your kids’ toys and other belongings.

Moving forward, reach out to Edina Realty or your local agent for help finding a home that’s a better size for your needs – and for additional organization tips, too.

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