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How to host an amazing virtual housewarming party

hosting a virtual housewarming party

Key insights:

  • Send a virtual invite for your online housewarming party. Guests will appreciate your consistency for keeping everything digital.
  • Virtual housewarming parties can still have gift registries. Best practices include practical gift options for every budget.
  • Have fun while connecting with others and showing off your new space. Home-related games and other entertainment options will keep your virtual party fun and flowing.

Purchasing a home requires a large investment of time, money and emotions. And once you’ve secured your property and made it your own, you’ll be excited to share it with others!

If you’re ready to host a housewarming party but unsure how to go about it virtually, look no further. Here are insights you can use to showcase your new home via video messaging app.

How to host an amazing virtual housewarming party

During these unprecedented times, virtual classes, meetings and yes — housewarming parties — are the new norm. Housewarming parties are important and many benefits can still be gained, even through a virtual gathering.

To help you prepare for this online event, we’re sharing everything you need to know about hosting and attending virtual housewarming parties.

What is a housewarming party?

After moving into a new residence, it’s tradition to host a housewarming party. At the event, you can celebrate your new home with guests — including loved ones, community members, and those who are eager to learn more about your new space.

Not only is a housewarming party the perfect time to showcase your home, but there are also plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Receiving useful house-related gifts.
  • Time to connect with people you care about.
  • The opportunity to talk with new neighbors.
  • The incentive to fully unpack and maintain a tidy home.
  • A dedicated time to notify important contacts of your new address.

What is a virtual housewarming party?

A virtual housewarming party aims to complete the same goals as any other housewarming party. However, attendees for a virtual housewarming party don’t have to be local to your town. There are a handful of pros and cons for this kind of event.

Pros: Virtual housewarming party

  • Guests can tune in from anywhere in the world
  • A COVID-friendly approach to socializing
  • No need for post-party cleanup
  • Cost-effective, as money won’t be spent on food or drinks

Cons: Virtual housewarming party

  • Gifts, if given, must be mailed
  • Potential for technical difficulties or glitches

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Why go virtual for your housewarming party?

During these times especially, health and safety concerns are a driving force behind virtual housewarming parties. Here we’re sharing some of the additional reasons someone might choose to go virtual instead of in-person for their housewarming party.

Reasons to go virtual:

  • Join from anywhere: The most incredible thing about improved technology is its ability to connect people. With a virtual housewarming party, you can invite anyone to join from anywhere in the world. If you have family in another state or a dear friend who lives abroad, a virtual housewarming party is a great way to include them in an event they would have otherwise missed.
  • Health-conscious event: Currently, states have varying rules regarding traveling and socializing. With an online event, it isn’t necessary to coordinate a gathering through a pandemic.
  • Minimal prep and cleanup time: After moving into a new home, you will likely be exhausted from a week or more of cleaning and unpacking. By hosting a virtual open house, you can show off your hard work — without having to worry about the cleanup when the party concludes.
  • Technology makes it simple: Many video conference systems are free and accessible to everyone. Just download the app of your choosing on your phone, give it a quick test in advance, and you’ll be good to go!
  • Save money: After your tenth trip to the store for a broom, closet storage solutions and other new home necessities, you may be a bit strapped for cash. A virtual housewarming party allows you to save money on food, drinks and other party supplies that can add up as the guest list grows.

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How to throw a virtual party in 5 easy steps

Now is the time to plan your virtual housewarming party! Don’t sweat it if you’ve never thrown an online event before. These five simple steps will help teach you how to throw a virtual housewarming party that’s entertaining and free of snags.

Virtual housewarming party

Choose a streaming platform

When sorting out how to host a housewarming party, deciding on a streaming platform will be of utmost importance. For a successful video call, choose a trusted website or app that has quality video performance.

Keep in mind, these are some important things to consider when choosing a platform for your online housewarming party:

  • Can everyone see each other on the screen at the same time?
  • Does the platform provide both audio and chat boxes?
  • How many people can join the event?
  • Is the platform free?
  • How secure is the service?
  • Does the service have a mobile app?

Some popular video conferencing apps and streaming platforms that would be perfect for your online party include:

Create a registry (if you want)

Going virtual doesn’t affect whether or not you can receive or request gifts. If you do choose to create a registry, it’s most tasteful to include registry information outside of your primary event invitation. Opt to spread the word about gifts via word of mouth or on your online calendar details for the event.

If you’re looking to lighten the financial load of your new home, here are some ideas to include in your registry:

  • Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen linens
  • Glassware for your kitchen and bar
  • Throw pillows and other decor pieces
  • Houseplants
  • Grilling or gardening accessories
  • Common household tools
  • Storage containers and organizers
  • Gift cards to home goods stores

Still not sure what you need in your new home? Check out additional gift ideas for new homeowners.

Virtual housewarming gift ideas

Best practices for housewarming registries

In addition to making sure that your registry isn’t the focal point of your virtual housewarming party invite, be sure to:

  • List gifts at various price points.
  • Create the registry plenty of time in advance.
  • Include both functional items you may need and fun items you want.

Virtual housewarming gift

How to ask for gift cards on a housewarming invitation

It can be tricky to ask for gifts, and it can be even more difficult to find the right balance when you are seeking gift cards. Many registry sites now have the option to include gift cards in various amounts to the registry itself, which will make it obvious to party-goers that you are hoping for some funds to home improvement, paint or big box stores. Use this feature if and when it’s available, to help you avoid direct conversations about gift cards.

You can also write up a short list of places where you’d like to shop for your home. Send this list to anyone who directly asks for gift ideas. By simply saying, “I am getting ready to paint the master bathroom, so I would love some brushes or funds for my next Sherwin Williams visit,” you can make it feel less awkward to ask for cash or a gift card.

Do I have to create a housewarming registry?

If you don’t want to receive physical gifts, consider directing would-be gift givers to a local charity dedicated to housing-related issues. Make it clear that you have all you need but they are welcome to help others instead.

If you’d like to avoid the conversation about gifts all together, simply state in your invitation that you are hoping for their presence, not their presents. You may still receive a few gifts from family or friends who want to celebrate your new purchase — but they will come out of excitement, not obligation.

Invite your guests

Considering how to throw a virtual party and what are some important considerations when it comes to creating invitations? Start by determining who you plan to invite to your housewarming party. Then, organize the invites and send them through.

When inviting guests to a virtual party, opt for an online invitation. In this case, an online invitation or evite is a better option than a physical card. Because the event will be held online, this provides consistency for guests. Plus, just like the virtual housewarming party itself, guests will have the ability to access their online invite details from anywhere and anytime — and, it’s less likely that they lose their invite information.

Email on phone

Decide on entertainment

It may be fun to offer different entertainment options for a virtual party. It can also be helpful to plan housewarming party games, new home party music, and conversation prompts so that your event has a bit of structure and offers a chance for everyone to participate.

When it comes to entertainment for a virtual party, some popular housewarming game ideas include:

  • New town trivia
  • House-themed bingo or word finds
  • New house scavenger hunt
  • Guided virtual tour through the new home

Housewarming party games and ideas should be organized in advance. Make sure you give yourself time to adequately prepare for the type of entertainment that you pick, and don’t be shy when it comes to asking for help in this department.

Trivia night

Prepare your space

Showing your house to friends and family is the whole point of a housewarming party. This can easily be done virtually. Simply complete a live walkthrough of your home during the video call, starting at the front door or entryway.

Be sure to point out your favorite features or spaces of the house — whether they’re the built-ins where you’ve stored your prized book collection or the basement where you’ve set up your new gaming headquarters. Your housewarming party guests will love to see how you’ve put your own spin on your new space.

What is proper housewarming party etiquette?

Proper housewarming party etiquette exists, even for virtual events. When you host your online housewarming party, it’s extra important to consider theses best practices for the:

  • Timing
  • Guest list
  • Duration
  • Registry

Homeowners in a virtual housewarming party Zoom call

When should you have a housewarming party?

Moving homes is a big transition. There’s no reason to rush to have a housewarming party immediately after you’ve moved. However, it’s typically suggested that you host your virtual housewarming event within six months to a year of your move-in date.

Family attending a virtual housewarming party

Who should you invite?

Seeing as your housewarming party will likely be a virtual event, you may have some new concerns and considerations when creating a guest list. Determine whether you’d rather have an intimate party of close friends and family members, or if you’d prefer to also invite acquaintances, coworkers, new neighbors and community members.

Each option is perfectly acceptable for virtual housewarming parties. Just be sure to make everyone feel included on the day of the housewarming event — and to select a platform that can accommodate your entire guest list.

Virtual housewarming party Facetime call

How long should a housewarming party last?

Unlike in-person events where people can come and go as they please, virtual events may have a designated time allotment (or time limit depending on which provider you use). In this case, etiquette for a housewarming party will require you to be considerate of your guest’s time while also making space to do things like play virtual games or host your quick virtual tour.

The smartest plan is to pre-determine times for specific events, and include them so attendees can plan to tune in for the events or party elements they’re most interested in. (After all, your Aunt Sally may want to join in for the tour and leave before you start blasting your party playlist.)

Here’s a sample schedule you can tweak for your event:

  • 7 p.m. — Party starts
  • 7:30 p.m. — Virtual tour of the new pad
  • 7:45 p.m. — My new town trivia game
  • 8:15 p.m. — Virtual dance party

Keep in mind that some platforms may require you to set a start and end time. In that case, opt for a longer period of time than you’ll need, so that the system doesn’t kick anyone out if your event runs long. Make it clear that everyone is free to come and go as they please.

Best time of day for a housewarming party

Wondering when to have a housewarming party? Or if there is an optimal time of day to host a virtual party? While traditional housewarming parties are better suited for weekends, a virtual event can easily be held on a weeknight.

Just be sure to schedule the event outside of work hours so that guests don’t have professional conflicts.

Family waving goodbye at a virtual housewarming party

Edina realty experts can help you buy a home

We’re excited to help you find the home of your dreams that you can show off at a virtual housewarming party! If you’re ready to start your home search, contact Edina Realty or your agent today.

We will connect you with the perfect real estate expert for your situation, along with assistance with your home transaction.

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