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The best winter projects for this year’s spring sellers

winter projects for home sellers

Key insights

  • If you plan to sell your home this spring, get a head start now! Focus on interior home improvements this winter so you can avoid feeling stressed once the snow melts.
  • The winter is the best time to declutter your house. Pay attention to the items you’re not using and sell, donate or toss them to make staging easier.
  • Don’t forget about features buyers will love — make your home more energy efficient, fix up an old bathroom or add new carpet to give your house a boost over other homes in the area. 

Hoping to put your home on the market this spring? When the weather is in the single digits, it can be easy to delay the projects needed to list your house in the warmer months.

By sprucing up the interior of your home now, you can minimize the stress of a springtime sale. Here are insights you can use as you plan your winter home improvement projects.

Seal the drafts

Buyers love a low-maintenance property and they’ll be delighted to know your home is minimally affected by the area’s extreme weather patterns.

Work to seal up gaps in the windows or doors so you can retain as much heat as possible. Then, protect against drafts by insulating your attic — a project with a higher ROI than any other home improvement you could take on this winter. A well-insulated attic will also lessen your risk for ice dams.

Revamp that tired bathroom

Whether it’s a half-bath off the main area of the house or a guest bathroom in the basement, tackle the wash room in your house that needs the most love. Consider adding a new vanity, shelves and décor or a modern light fixture to give it a fresh look.

And while painting a large area in your home isn’t advised when there are freezing temperatures outside, you can certainly ventilate a smaller room for long enough to dry the paint properly.

Declutter from the inside out

Winter is a perfect time to pare down your belongings. You’re spending most of your time indoors, so you should know exactly which items are being used and which are collecting dust.

Create a schedule to tackle one room per week in the months of February and March. Start with an easier area, like a bathroom or kitchen, then move to the spaces with the most clutter and storage (like a play room, master closet or your basement).

While it’s a hassle now, staging your home will be much easier when you have gotten rid of your excess household goods.

Install new carpet — then protect it from boots and shoes

Winter is an ideal time to replace outdated carpet. Start by hiring a professional carpet company to give you a quote on new floor coverings. While it can be tempting to replace only the rooms with the most wear, it will pay off to match the carpet on each floor so your home has a uniform look.

After the carpet is installed, purchase boot trays or designate rugs inside all the main entryways and institute firm rules about removing shoes and boots upon entry. The goal of winter carpet replacement is to get ahead of the spring home improvement surge, not to have to pay for a professional cleaning once the snow melts.

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