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The real estate market is always changing! It is my goal to constantly share what I see in the world of Twin Cities real estate by bringing to you a little bit of my everyday life as a Realtor. Be sure to find me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on best practices and market trends that could help you strategize buying or selling your Minnesota home!

Home Selling And Home Inspections

⁉️Thinking of selling a home in 2024⁉️⁣

If you live in any of the following cities, you will be required to obtain what is called a TISH Report, or a Truth-In-Sale of Housing. ⁣

This is a seller obtained inspection report required to be completed prior to listing your home. It helps to provide insight to any prospective buyers on the homes condition from a structural and safety standpoint. ⁣

Cities that require a TISH are:⁣

- Bloomington⁣
- Maplewood⁣
- Minneapolis⁣
- New Hope⁣
- Richfield ⁣
- Robbinsdale ⁣
- St Louis Park⁣
- St Paul⁣
- South Saint Paul⁣

Another potential inspection that may be required is an I & I Point Of Sale Certificate. This stands for inflow and infiltration. This is designed to prevent a buyer for being on the hook for any costly repair and cleanup caused by clear water leaking into the sewer system. ⁣

Cities that require an I & I are:⁣

- Golden Valley⁣
- West Saint Paul⁣
- Moundsview ⁣
- Orono⁣

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What’s My Home Worth?


As a homeowner, you likely have the thought about your homes current value circling in the back of your mind quite often.

What are some common ways a home value can be achieved, and what are the differences?

👠 Assessed Value - This is your property value from a tax standpoint. If you go online and see that your assessed value is low, don’t panic! It’s not a bad thing for this to be on the lower end of what your home may be worth. Typically the lower the assessed value, the lower the property taxes.

👠 Appraised Value - A value given to your home by the bank. This comes into play most often when you are buying a home, or refinancing.

👠 Market Value - This is a value determined by current real estate market conditions, or what a buyer may be willing to pay. The best way to achieve this value is by calling your local realtor. Ummm. Hi, I’m Alex! 💁🏼‍♀️

❌ Zillow - Zill-no.

If you are curious about the equity you have in your home, reach out! I’d love the opp

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VA Home Buyer Tips

🇺🇸 VA LOANS 🇺🇸⁣

Great info straight from Minnesota’s #1 VA Realtor Brad Williams!⁣

- Who qualifies for a VA loan?⁣
- How many times can you use a VA loan? ⁣
- What is a VA assumption?⁣
- Who sells more houses, Alex or Brad? ⁣

Brad served in the Army and National Guard for 21 years and has passionately dedicated much of his real estate career to helping Veterans find the perfect home. ⁣

Wether you’re a Veteran looking to utilize a VA loan, or an agent wanting to further educate yourself on VA loans, Brad is a fantastic resource.⁣

Thank you Brad for your service, and for shedding some light on this incredibly important topic! 🇺🇸🏡🇺🇸🏡🇺🇸🏡⁣

Alex Murray - Edina Realty⁣
Brad Williams - Edina Realty⁣

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Home Selling Tip

A little advice from your local Realtor who is NOT above dumpster diving. 🗑️🗑️🗑️⁣

January is a great time to work on cleaning and decluttering. Throw in depersonalization if you are thinking about selling in 2024! ⁣

My habit of “rage cleaning” as Derek calls it, makes it so I rarely have to declutter. But when I feel the need to, I throw away gift cards and refund checks. 🫠🥴⁣

⁉️What are some areas of your home you would really like to tackle and organize this year⁉️⁣

Let’s hear it! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼⁣

Alex Murray - Edina Realty⁣
There’s No Place Like Home 👠 ⁣

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Home Buying Tip


I often share stories of accepted offers. But, in complete transparency, not every accepted offer has a happy ending.⁣

Upon getting an accepted offer there are commonly several (sometimes many) hurdles to jump through. ⁣

- Home Inspection⁣
- CIC Reviewal⁣
- Home Appraisal⁣
- Well Contingency⁣
- Septic Contingency⁣
- Home Sale Contingency⁣

Just to name a few. Each one has the ability to feel like a gut punch. 🥊 ⁣

Unfortunately, my clients who most recently got their offer accepted, signed a cancellation today. ⁣The inspection report was about as messy as my outfit today.

When I have conversations with my clients (both buyers and sellers) regarding home inspections, I work very hard to ensure we are addressing all of their concerns, but also remaining realistic. Typically we are looking at safety concerns, or concerns around items that are going to be very costly to repair/replace.

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Home buying reminder..

If Monday were a video, oh boy. Let me tell you.⁣
This 👏🏼 would 👏🏼 be 👏🏼 it…⁣

For many reasons. Watch for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.⁣

sigh … anyway…⁣

TIP # 1 - If you bought a home this year, when filing your taxes don’t forget to take advantage of the write offs that come with it.⁣

TIP # 2 - If you are a business owner or 1099 and plan to purchase a home in 2024, consider how much you write off. When getting approved for a home loan, you need to show income. ⁣

TIP # 3 - If you purchased a home this year, do not forget to homestead before December 31st. This allows you to save a great deal on taxes if you qualify for the homestead exemption. ⁣

TIP # 4 - Call me if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in 2024! ⁣

Alex Murray - Edina Realty⁣
There’s No Place Like Home 👠 ⁣

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Status Definitions

For sale: Properties which are available for showings and purchase

Active contingent: Properties which are available for showing but are under contract with another buyer

Pending: Properties which are under contract with a buyer and are no longer available for showings

Sold: Properties on which the sale has closed.

Coming soon: Properties which will be on the market soon and are not available for showings.

Contingent and Pending statuses may not be available for all listings