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6 ways to incorporate natural design elements into your home

Natural home design elements

Key insights

  • Utilize natural fibers and textures to instantly bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.
  • Make your home look and feel good. The addition of live plants and flowers is shown to boost your well-being, too.
  • Organic home decor often comes in subtle colors, making it easy to incorporate new pieces into your existing space.

With the rise of sustainable design, organic home elements are becoming increasingly sought-after. Most homeowners are aware that making use of natural light can help boost their mood, but so can other natural elements. Here, we will discuss six of the best materials to incorporate in your space to help keep your home feeling alive throughout the seasons.

1. Raffia

While wicker and rattan have been staples in the natural design space for a while, raffia is now having a moment. Derived from a tropical palm tree, the fiber from raffia leaves is woven to make baskets, hats and other textiles. In the home decor realm, raffia is typically wrapped around wooden furniture, creating an earthy yet luxurious look.

Opt for raffia to achieve a refined look with organic elements. There are all kinds of raffia home decor and furniture items, including:

  • Nightstands and side tables
  • Pendant light covers
  • Area rugs
  • Placemats, wrapped vases and other small design elements

2. Linen

Frequently used in warm climate upholstery and dress, linen is a durable choice for home fabrics. This textile provides a soft and cool sensation to the touch, making it ideal for bedding. Linen gives off island vibes, so you’ll feel like you’re living in a luxe destination every day while in the comfort of your home.

3. Live plants

Fiddle fig and olive trees have been coming to the fore thanks to the rise in popularity of the modern farmhouse style. Adding these plants or similar foliage to your space will keep you in line with current trends.

When used in the home, live plants may create the therapeutic effects of increased well-being and minimized stress. And they can benefit your physical health, too. Indoor air can become increasingly dry throughout the chillier months, which may lead to cracked lips, respiratory irritation and static. But certain plants can help mitigate the effects of dry air by naturally humidifying your home.

4. Raw-edged wood

By showcasing the tree, raw-edged wood creates a focal point in any room while adding an element of nature to the space. Thanks to the near-natural form of raw-edged furniture, this style of wooden decor may help to bring the liveliness of nature into your space.

Plus, each slab of wood used in raw-edged furniture is unique. A thoughtfully crafted desk, side table or dining table made from raw-edged wood will undoubtedly upgrade any room.

5. Stone

Whether adding to your fireplace, flooring, accent wall or veneer, stone is the ideal way to link your luxe indoor space with the organic elements of nature. As a major bonus, a stone veneer is also one of the best improvement projects a homeowner can complete for a high return on investment.

If you’re hoping to add stone to your home on a more modest budget, opt for unexpected stone accent pieces, such as:

  • Vases
  • Bookends
  • Coasters
  • Lamps

6. Recycled materials

Now more than ever, homeowners are finding goods made from sustainable and recycled materials. The priority placed on ethical and eco-friendly home decor is increasing the availability and popularity of this style.

Whether you choose to up-cycle items yourself or purchase them from your favorite home goods store, there are plenty of options for sustainable decorations. Some favored items include:

  • Dinner glasses from recycled glass
  • Recycled cotton or wool throw blankets
  • Rugs and mats made from recycled plastic
  • Recycled plastic furniture

Moving forward, naturally

The beauty of nature doesn’t have to remain reserved for inviting outdoor spaces. Bring the comfort of natural materials inside your home with organic textiles, recycled furniture, plants and more.

Incorporating these six elements in your space will enhance the style and comfort of your house. For more refreshing homeowner tips, reach out to Edina Realty or your agent today.

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