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Modern farmhouse design ideas for homeowners

Modern farmhouse

Key Insights

  • Modern farmhouse design is a blend of traditional-yet-contemporary, and cozy-yet-clean styles.
  • Modern farmhouse decor is extremely accessible and can be found in nearly all furniture stores and home goods boutiques.
  • Whether staging your home to sell or elevating your space for yourself, modern farmhouse is an attractive design option.

While extreme minimalism has been popular over the past few years, 2021 home trends are switching up the design space. Now, the emphasis is on contrasting color palettes and the incorporation of plants in the home — both of which are common in modern farmhouse decor.

Now more than ever, this style is accessible to homeowners, buyers and sellers, as it trends across social media platforms and is available at most home retailers. Be sure to keep the modern farmhouse vibe in mind whether you’re staging your home for sale or you’re simply ready to upgrade your space.

What is modern farmhouse design?

While the farmhouse style has been around as long as the American family farm, the updated modern farmhouse style is often attributed to HGTV darlings Chip and Joanna Gaines, who have incorporated it into dozens of homes they've flipped in their hometown of Waco, Texas. No matter who you credit for the look, modern farmhouse decor emphasizes elements that will continue to have a timeless look over the years, making it a trendy yet practical choice for homeowners and buyers today.

To identify a modern farmhouse style, look for elements with a classic, but liveable appearance. In a modern farmhouse home, every piece of furniture, blanket and space appears inviting. While nothing is “off-limits,” this cozy ambiance remains balanced by clean and crisp elements. Here are some key features of the modern farmhouse style:

  • Emphasis on soft and organic textures
  • Charming yet practical space
  • Use of light neutral and deep natural colors
  • A hint of antique components, without overdoing it

Modern farmhouse design elements

If you’re ready to upgrade your space with a modern farmhouse style, begin by searching for decor pieces that incorporate these elements:

  • Linen, flannel or velvet throw blankets
  • Metal fixtures with patina or weathered finishes
  • Porcelain apron sinks
  • Barn doors
  • Houseplants
  • Use of black and other deep colors to offset mostly neutral tones
  • Vintage accessories
  • Exposed beams and wooden elements
  • Modest wicker or rattan details, such as storage bins or chairs
  • Comfortable sofas and other furniture
  • Worn-in textures, such as chipped paint on a side table

Combined, these design elements along with the 2021 Colors of the Year are sure to create a modern farmhouse ambiance in your space.

Where to shop for modern farmhouse pieces

As modern farmhouse design is a popular style among homeowners, everything from furniture to smaller decor pieces can be found in the retail and decor stores that you likely already frequent. Shopping for modern farmhouse pieces is extremely convenient, with big box stores such as Target and Walmart and online options such as Etsy and Amazon all stocked with this design style. And don’t forget to shop local — plenty of boutiques stock this look with unique, curated and even upcycled pieces.

Additionally, you may score an accent piece at a local flea market or vintage store. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can easily create many modern farmhouse decor pieces yourself. There’s even an entire Instagram account dedicated to modern farmhouse DIY projects.

Incorporating modern farmhouse style in your home

Whether you’re making large-scale changes to revamp the decor in your entire home or you’d like to add some pops of modern farmhouse throughout, this design style can easily be incorporated into the spaces where you spend the most time. Modern farmhouse is perfect for your living area, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. You may also find that you wish to incorporate some farmhouse elements in winter months; the style will fit in nicely with an already warm home, or it can provide a happy contrast to a more refined space.

If you are considering selling and aren’t sure how to update your home’s decor to appeal to buyers, modern farmhouse decor can be a smart addition. In a recent survey, modern farmhouse style was preferred in 42 of the 50 US states. (Minnesota and Wisconsin residents continue to rank mid-century modern as their top choice, though modern farmhouse is a healthy competitor.)

Moving forward with modern farmhouse

Now that you’ve created the modern farmhouse home of your dreams, it’s time to savor the space. Whether you plan to kick back and relax, get productive in your home office or host dinner party guests, your fresh decor is bound to be appreciated.

If you’ve renovated your space so it’s ready to sell, Edina Realty and your agent can help. Reach out to begin moving forward with the home staging process and to list your property on the market.

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