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Three mistakes people make when relocating

relocating mistakes

When relocating long distance, it’s natural to feel uncertain and overwhelmed. As you prepare for the relocation process, here are three insights you can use to manage expectations and keep your stress low.

1. Consider all aspects of affordability

If you’re moving to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area — or anywhere in Minnesota or western Wisconsin — you’ll find that housing here is quite affordable. Keep in mind, though, that affordability is about more than just home price. You should also compare local tax rates (including property taxes), and any homeowner’s association fees and other expenses that will change upon your move. Consider, too, any changes to your daily transportation. Will your commute be longer here, and therefore more expensive? Will you use the Light Rail Transit to get to and from work, allowing you to get rid of a car?

If you’re moving to Minnesota or western Wisconsin from a coastal market or a larger city, you may find this area to be more affordable. If you are coming from a smaller or rural market, however, it would be wise to ensure that you will earn a higher salary here even after you factor in the cost of living.

2. Hiring and paying for a moving service

Most companies will pay for relocation services, including the cost of moving your belongings from your old location to your new home. Your company may even have a preferred moving company selected so you don’t have to do research or hire professional movers. Be sure to ask about the moving coverage or stipend your company will offer before accepting their relocation offer.

If you’re moving for personal reasons, or your company will not be covering your moving costs, be sure to do your research when it comes to hiring professional movers. Ask for a quote in advance, and be sure to verify that they will not go above that quote without express permission from you.

Last, some moving companies will offer to save you money by waiting until their trucks are full before beginning the moving process. This can be effective if you’re not in a hurry, but sometimes it means the trucks will be rerouting to other locations as they make their way to you. In this instance, you could be without your belongings for a week or more after you get to your new home. Talk with your movers in advance to see what their policies are on full or re-routed trucks.

3. Think about the whole family

While you may be excited about a big promotion, the return to your hometown or simply getting a fresh start, the move may be hard on other members of your family. Kids in particular may find it troubling or confusing to move to a new community, and it’s important that they be allowed to grieve even as you introduce them to the parks, friends and activities their new home has to offer.

In short, being emotionally supportive can make a move less stressful for them and help start the transition to a new life. Learn more about helping kids deal with the emotional stress of a move.

Ready to relocate?

Whether you’re relocating to Minnesota or western Wisconsin for business or personal reasons, our dedicated team is here to help. Our relocation specialists offer local tours so you can find the best community for you and your family, and they even help with smaller details like hiring discounted movers. Reach out today to talk with a local relocation expert.

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