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Top luxury home trends you’ll see in 2017

luxury home trends

Key insights:

  • Luxury buyers want nothing to do with the HGTV fixer-upper trend; they're looking for properties that are move-in ready on day one
  • While pools may be all the rage in warmer climates, Midwestern luxury buyers are more interested in indoor sport courts
  • Luxury buyers care about their neighbors and building a community; close-knit neighborhoods and community amenities are a must

Because buyer budgets are so much greater, luxury homes are often where we look to determine the cutting-edge trends that will trickle their way down in years to come. We did some research and spoke to our Edina Realty Exceptional Properties experts to determine the top luxury trends you can expect in 2017.

Whether you're a high-end buyer or someone who loves to be up on the latest in home styles and trends, here are insights you can use to get informed.

Turnkey properties

While lower-bracket buyers may be walking around with an eye for the easy fixes they've seen on HGTV, luxury buyers want a house they can move into, and use, immediately. Of course, most luxury homes are in peak condition – so what does "turnkey" mean to the average upper-bracket buyer?

For discerning luxury buyers, everything from the right interior layout to the number of garage stalls may be non-negotiable. They may also want specific rooms to be on certain levels – for example, an office or study on the first floor, while all the bedrooms are one floor up. In short, luxury buyers understand that for their money, they shouldn't have to settle for a less-than-perfect home.

White kitchens

You've seen them on Pinterest and in interior decorating magazines – white kitchens are very much in style for all price points. But many buyers rightly understand that to have an all-white kitchen would be a disaster in a high-traffic area. That isn't a reality for most lower-or-medium-bracket buyers, but it could ring true for high-end buyers.

Because luxury homes usually have more space, the kitchen isn't always the "heart" of the home. It may not be the natural place to meet and chat, and the kitchen's appliances may not even be used by the owners all that often. For these reasons, having an all-white kitchen can be the right choice for a luxury buyer who wants to impress.

Sport courts

When the weather outside is frightful for at least five months of the year, it makes sense that indoor recreation areas are growing in popularity. Of course, not all sport courts are regulation-size basketball or tennis courts; in fact, most luxury home sport courts are smaller rooms with basketball hoops or hockey nets. These areas are perfect for buyers with children who are aiming to become the next Steph Curry or Zach Parise.

Luxury buyers may also be on the lookout for handball or racquetball courts so they can host a friendly competition with their spouse or neighbors after a busy day at work.

Buying for the community

High-end buyers are also interested in building a community with their neighbors. Many work with their REALTOR® to find homes that suit not only their design and price needs, but that are also known to be friendly and open.

For some luxury buyers, this may mean buying in a gated community that has an outdoor pool and tennis courts where neighbors meet during the summer. For others, it may mean that the reputation of the neighborhood is sterling and that neighbors are known to play cards and drink wine once a month. Still others may be focused on finding an area where there is an abundance of school-aged children who can befriend their own kids. While community can mean different things to different people, luxury buyers are known to do their research to ensure that the home of their dreams is also in the neighborhood of their dreams.

Searching for a luxury home?

No one knows luxury home trends like the team of specialists in Edina Realty's Exceptional Properties division. Reach out today to be set up with a luxury home expert, or begin searching for your future home today on the Edina Realty Exceptional Properties website.

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